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I Make Things

I read Jamis Buck's awesome "Mazes for Programmers" and got really into mazes. I generated these these mazes with some c code I wrote.

I even printed some of them out on a 3D printer.

I wrote a couple of blogposts about Mixpanel's query compiler - a simple one and a not so simple one.

I built my own power glove using drone control hardware, based on a design by The Gloves Project, and made some silly music with it

Programming is a form of time travel.

I made a cool watch face for my fancy new Android Wear watch.

My friend Suhail accidently wrote this poem in a bug report:

On dissonance, harmony, surprise

It Works While You Sleep

Some video games that play themselves:

The ghost of Rygar, from the NES game, haunts this hex dump!

I just wrote a Clojure tool for approximate non-negative matrix factorization for feature extraction.

A very blurry image
A blurry image
A blurry image that you can recognize as the Mona Lisa
An image of the Mona Lisa, with some strange artifacts in it

I think random assignment is pretty close to magic.

I wrote lzw, a pure python module for lzw compression. You can browse the documentation here, or get the module for yourself at the python package index.

This old-timey lamp queries Mixpanel and determines what color to shine based on the results of the queries.

I built it with a Raspberry Pi, a fancy BlinkM MaxM, a ceiling lamp from the hardware store, and a cheap cigar box. The software that drives it is written in Go, and is up on github.

I think you probably shouldn't try to abstract away the web, and you definitely shouldn't try to abstract away the network.

An excuse for an Binary Space Partition Tree in Javascript. Edit the code on the right to change the way the particles behave.

We roll HTML5-style up in here, please be advised

I wrote Some R code for generating factoradic representations of integers, and using those representations to generate permutations in a deterministic way.

Here is a simple, immutable heap in F#

I turned my shoulder bag into an evil robot with a lilypad arduino and some copper tape.

A simple C# class for binding nice colors to things you intend to use in a graph (or whatever.)

Here's version of TodBot's excellent little six line Arduino function for powering your WiiChuck (or anything else) using Arduino analog pins 2 and 3, annotated in painstaking detail

I wrote an iPhone app to unleash unknowable cosmic energies draw black dots on a yellow background, which look pretty cool on poorly lit video.

Slides for Javascript Makes me Happy, a talk introducing JavaScript as a Functional Language to (mostly) C# and Java programmers, that I presented at Codestock 2009

Some good proxy measures for the complexity of a system are the time it took to implement, and the time it takes to describe what the system does. Build things that are quick to make and easy to talk about.

I made a couple of little animations a while back, like this one:

One of them even got on tv